All at Once or a Little at a Time: Interior Painting

There is a sudden chill in the air and you find yourself grabbing a sweater or jacket more often before going out for you evening walk. Autumn is serves to remind us of some important facts of life. Namely that summer will soon be a memory and winter is on its way.

Which makes us want to start thinking about interior painting. Painting the exterior of your house is important for curb appeal and the attractiveness of your home but its larger purpose is to help protect the structure of the home from the effects of time and weather.

The priorities for an interior paint job are a little different. The colors and tones of your interior finish seem doubly important because you will be spending so much time stuck in there once the weather turns bad!

Painting the exterior of the house is a big job that really needs to be done all at once. There are two ways to approach an interior paint job. The first is “whole house”, which is probably the best approach when the house is mostly empty. This will probably only happen just before or just after you move in or out of your home. If you are leaving the home, painting the whole interior is a good way to give the rooms a “Fresh” as opposed to “Deserted” look. If the paint job is in preparation for selling the home, choose colors that are mostly neutral that will go with the potential buyer’s stuff. Be sure to match the colors to the things in the house that your won’t be changing, like floor finishes. It might be a good idea to stick to a single color theme throughout the house.

If you are just moving into a new home, of course you can be a little more specific in choosing colors that match your stuff. The job will go relatively fast with no furniture in the rooms to get in the way, and any color themes that you link throughout the house can be efficiently applied at the same time.

Contrasting the “whole house” projects is the “room at a time” approach. This has the advantage of allowing you to choose colors that are even better at complimenting your furniture and possessions. Room at a time is also a nicer approach because a single room is usually small enough that once you have decided on you colors, the project can go quickly. Especially if you have a partner to help, you should be able to move the furniture, do the preparation and any repairs, paint and clean up in a single day or a couple afternoons.

Some rooms may take a little longer because of the detail, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If you are a beginning painter, start with a simple hallway of closet, then move on to the bedrooms. As you progress to larger and more complicated projects, you will gain experience and gather more of the tools that you will need to do a professional level job.

The nicest thing about a room at a time approach is that it becomes part of the maintenance cycle for your home. Painting a new room every couple of months keeps the whole house seeming fresh and new, but is never such a large project that it will burn you out. And as you get better at painting and choosing colors, your home and its ambiance will grow and change with your growing family.

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