Considering Color

As the snow continues to fly outside our windows, many of us are just now getting everything cleaned up from our end of the year festivities and starting to make plans and resolutions. At the beginning of this New Year do you find your mind turning to being more organized, re-prioritizing and getting a new look for your home or office?

While it may not be the perfect time to begin a painting project, it could be the perfect time to decide on exactly what you want. Out of all of the decisions you will need to make for any painting project, one of the first on the listis color.

Color may seem to be a simple choice. Everybody knows that the best colors for a baby’s nursery is pink or blue and the best color for an office is off-white. Or is it? When choosing a color going traditional isn’t a bad choice, it’s just not your only choice.

Color in your home can be used to reflect your personal style. Whether it’s a calm and peaceful master suite, a warm, comfortable family room or a cheerful, bright kitchen nook, take some time before you paint any room in your home to think about how you want that room to feel in the long-term. What type of interactions do you want to have there? All of these things combined with your personal taste can be used to pick the perfect color that will not just cover the walls, but make it feel more like your home then ever before.

It may be easier for some to consider color in their homes then in the office place, but you can use color to present your business to the world. Color in your place of business can offer employees, customers and clients a feeling of who you are as a company and where you’re going. The colors you choose can be contemporary or traditional and convey professionalism and excellence in all that you do. I would encourage you to look into the possibility of using color to communicate the best your business has to offer.

The color of a room is a key component of the first and lasting impression of that room. Spending some time considering color and what kind of impression you want to make is a smart move before you spend the time, effort and money on a painting project.

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