DIY Or Professional Painters?

Painting the exterior of your house is a simple thing which will provide results that far outweigh the investment of time and money. Some will tell you that the most complicated part of painting your house is choosing the colors.

House painting is simply a matter of following a series of simple steps in a logical progression, and sticking to the project until it is done. With this in mind, why would anyone hire a professional painting company to paint your house?

The services of a high quality professional house painter are expensive. The biggest reason for a DIY paint job is probably the savings of money. But the high cost of a painter is justified for a number of reasons. First of all the Paint Contractor is businessman, and we are all aware that running a business is expensive. The profits that he makes are going not only to feed his family, but also those of his employees. Not to mention the taxes that he pays, and the other businesses that he will be supporting. But are the service provided to you by the Professional Painter worth your money?

Many home owners find that they enjoy painting, but there is no getting around the fact that it is time consuming. Several of the steps can be broken down into smaller pieces. There is an enforced waiting time between some of the steps; if you pressure wash the wooden siding, you will need to give it time to properly dry before you can move on. There is paint drying time between coats or moving from siding to trim work. But there are also steps that should keep progressing. Take for example masking; a first exterior masking project is to cover all of the exterior electrical fixtures and lights. It may seem like a small thing to leave the masking on for a few days, but you will find that it gets dark just about every night, and you will want to use your electrical fixtures! In addition, the longer masking tape remains on a surface, the harder it is to remove. It is easy to see that a Homeowner Paint job, done on a part time basis, can stretch over several weeks.

Doing a fast and efficient job of paint prep and painting requires a number of tools, some of which can be expensive. Some of these the home owner can and should have on hand. But for occasional painting it isn’t always necessary to have the best painting tools. The professional painter is going to invest in the best tools; not only will they improve his results, but they make his job go faster.

Finally there are the physical requirements of painting. Are you one of those people who get vertigo when you stand on a step-stool to change the light in the bathroom? If so you may have second thoughts about perching on a borrowed ladder out in the weather. The House Painting company employs people who aren’t bothered by heights, and they invest in high quality ladders and scaffolds.

So make painting the exterior of your home a DIY project or hire a professional? Ultimately it is your time and money that will go into the decision. Will the professional do that much better a job than the homeowner himself? Maybe, maybe not. The professional will do a very good job, but the home owner is every bit as capable of doing just as good a job. Will the professional do his job quickly, neatly, and allow the home owner to not worry about getting on the ladders? Yes!

It is your time and your money, and most importantly, your home.


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