Elastomeric Paint Coatings

Are you having a water infiltration problem?  Do you have Stucco, EFIS, or other types of masonry for a substrate?  Are you tired of repainting every couple of years to find yourself looking up painting contractors to provide you with a painting estimate to temporarily fix the problem?  Well, after hearing similar problems from commercial building owners and property managers many times over we thought it would be appropriate to share some solutions.  The best fix is an elastomeric paint coating.  We use top of the line elastomeric coatings from both PPG Porter Paints, and The Sherwin-Williams Paint Company.  These products when properly applied will withstand wind driven rain, as well as most other uncontrollable factors like rain, snow, and wind.

Elastomeric Coatings are a great choice for concrete (pre cast, cast in place, tilt-up, split face block, cmu, brick, fiber cement siding, concrete/masonry block, stucco and more).  Elastomeric coatings are ideal for use on many exterior masonry projects including but not limited to apartments and condominiums, warehouses, high-rise dwellings, parking garage and structures, and other commercial and residential structures.

Some of the benefits of elastomeric paints and coatings are that they Bridge cracks, mask surface imperfections, provide waterproofing, offer breathability, Provide extra protection in fewer coats (2 coat), film integrity can be maintained when expansion & contraction occur, resistance to Mildew/Fungus/Biological growth and they can look like new longer.

Some of our most proudly used elastomeric coatings include PPG Porter Paints PERMA-CRETE® PITT-FLEX® Elastomeric Coating, and Sherwin Williams ConFlex XL™ High Build Elastomeric Coating .  Both are great products, and Heartland Painters has experience in applying and working with both manufactures.

Don’t overlook the surface preparation!  The coating is only as good as the substrate it is applied to.  We are extremely knowledgable in the proper preparation necessary to achieve the long lasting results that our customers deserve.  The proper sealants and caulking make a huge difference  in the durability of your coating.  This is not a step to go with a least cost option on.  The best caulks and sealants can be expensive but well worth the investment.  We can provide a written scope of work to ensure that you are informed of what course of action we have recommended.   Situationally we can offer warranties ranging from 1 to 5 years.  With or extensive knowledge coupled with experience we are the best painting contractor available to install your elastomeric paint coating.

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