Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The garage has always been a popular ″Man-Cave″ in the home. There are many good reasons for this, the first of which is that it is a place that the wife probably doesn’t want to go. And who can blame her?

The primary purpose for the garage is to have a place out of the weather for the family car. Garages began getting bigger as families began to have multiple cars, and soon there was room for more storage for things like the lawn mower and the kids bicycles. If there is room, you might as well put in a work bench and some good lighting so that you can work on your projects. And after the kitchen remodeling you might as well put the old refrigerator in the garage so you can have cold beverages. Install an insulated garage door to help keep it warm during unfriendly weather and get some comfortable stools for the work bench and viola! Man-Cave!

But what to do about that cold and ugly cement slab floor? Carpet would certainly be nice, but this is where the car lives. Anything on the floor is going to get spilled on, so carpet, no matter how rugged, is out. Painting the floor is an option, and it would certainly brighten the space. But paint that is driven on and has wood-working projects dragged over it is going to quickly wear. And it doesn’t really help to make the garage feel warmer.

An epoxy coating may be the answer. It is smooth and water resistant, so spills will not harm it and are easily cleaned up. It is smooth but not slippery, and a non-skid additive can be used in spots where that is a concern. It is incredibly tough stuff, so if you drop a tool on it the surface won’t be harmed. Epoxy floor coatings are becoming the preferred choice not only in industrial spaces, but for medical spaces that need to be sterilized as well.

An epoxy floor coating is very different from paint. Paint is basically pigments and solids suspended in a solvent. When it is applied, the solvent evaporates and the solids remain to coat the surface. Although there are several important preparation steps necessary for paint to effectively do its job, painting is a relatively simple process.

Many epoxy coatings are ″100% Solids″, which means that all of the liquid material applied to the surface will chemically convert to solid. The chemical process that occurs when epoxy is mixed is fascinating, but beyond this discussion. Suffice to say that when the two parts of an epoxy are combined a reaction begins which thermodynamically converts the liquid to a hard plastic.

The real good/bad news about epoxy floor coatings is the terrific variety of colors and patterns available. They can make your garage an appealing enough space that the wife may begin to invade your Man-cave!

We will discuss the application of epoxy floor coatings in a future article.


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