Finding Professional Painters to Protect Your Home

Let’s hope that you’ve had as good a summer as I have. There was a lot backyard barbeque time, I got some good fishing in down at the lake, some good camping trips with the kids, got a lot done at work, and then there were all the successful home-improvement projects.

Um, well maybe I need to rethink my success with the Home Improvement. I refuse to feel bad about all the things that didn’t get done, because they got “rescheduled” because I was busy having fun with my family. But there are some things that really need to be taken care of before winter sets in. And painting the house is very high on the list.

Painting the house is a project that is, well, as big as a house! It isn’t something that has to be done every year, but most professionals recommend that it should be part of a 5-7 year maintenance cycle. The exterior of the home has two functions. The first is to be attractive and welcoming, what the Realtors call “Curb Appeal”. But the most important job of the Exterior is to protect the Interior of the structure. The Maintenance Cycle will ensure that little problems, like the beginning of rot or degradation to the siding, will be addressed before they turn into big problems.

If you’ve been following these scribblings, you will have seen that I am a big fan of doing things for myself. So why would I even consider hiring someone to paint my house? There are a bunch of good reasons. The most obvious is that by hiring it done I am freed from the worry of doing a good job. To be sure that I will get the quality job for the money I will be spending, there are several steps that are necessary. The Professional Paint contractor is selling me on two points; first the bottom line of his estimate, but even more important for my peace of mind is his reputation.

Of course, asking the contractor for references is the obvious course, but a little dubious; they will probably not refer you to customers who weren’t satisfied with their work. If you have seen the contractor’s truck in front of a neighbor’s house, you could knock on the door and ask how the job went. The Better Business Bureau is a resource, but these results can be the opposite of asking the contractor for references- the people who contact the BBB are unsatisfied customers.

So who to ask? How about the guys at the local paint store? Painting Contractors will be valued customers of the Paint Store, but they will deal with enough different painters to have a pretty good feel for which ones are more professional and use best materials.

Materials are another thing to consider along with the estimate provided by the contractor. The DIY painter might get away with using cut-rate paints- if he does his own paint job once, he can do it again in a 2 or 3 years. When you pay big money for a contractor, you have the right to expect the job to last 5-7 years. The professional contractor will insist on using high quality paints because they are easier to work with, and his reputation depends on the results.

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