Green and ‘Zero V.O.C.’ Paints

Over the last few years, the painting industry has become more and more aware of its environmental impact, even as painting manufactures have figured out that it’s actually profitable (imagine that) to offer eco-friendly products that are more safe for both humans and the environment.

With some new industry standards for green practices, some of the major manufacturers each have their own brands of eco-friendly paints. Most manufacturers are going to throw the acronym V.O.C. at you, which actually stands for “Volatile Organic Compounds.” In plain English, this is the level of sometimes noxious solvents present in the paint that is used (basically, what has traditionally given a room that “fresh paint smell”).

Porter, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore each have introduced lines of “Zero V.O.C.” paints, so there are some options to choose from when you’re considering eco friendly paints nowadays. And right off the bat, each of these paints has the added benefits of less noxious fumes as you’re painting. Just don’t take the lack of smell for the idea that the paint is drying any faster (you’ll still want to keep that window open).

Remember though, just because a paint is “Zero V.O.C.” doesn’t necessarily make it LEED certified. It can be quite a lot to sort thorugh, so if you have any questions about Zero V.O.C. paints, give us a call!

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