Heartland Painters joins the Carmel, IN Chamber of Commerce

Heartland Painters is pleased to announce our newly established membership in the Carmel, IN Chamber of Commerce. For years, community organizations, and specifically the Chamber of Commerce, have established themselves as bastions of good advice, helping businesses such as ours find the experts and visibility that we have needed to effectively grow and support our local economy.

In short, we’re looking forward to networking and getting involved with local events from the Chamber, and for a very specific reason. Last week I watched a CBS news segment on “The Pursuit of Happiness” and what made some communities more likely than others to promote a higher level of happiness than others (There’s actually a Gallup poll on this).

The segment painted a very clear picture that the building blocks of a happy community is a connected community, where its members show up. It may be a small step in the right direction, and we’re going to start showing up to Carmel Chamber events. Hopefully we’ll see you there.



Heartland Painters, Carmel IN Painters

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