Holiday Window Painting

First of all, Holiday Greetings from the Crew here at Heartland Painters. May You and Your Family Enjoy the Best of The Season!

We would like to take a short break from our usual Interior and Exterior Painting posts for some holiday related fun that is still painting related.

Window painting has always been part of the holiday season in my house, and it is a holiday tradition that your family may also find they enjoy. Window painting is usually part of store front holiday displays, but they can also work in the home. They are best if you have a large window that is visible from the street. My Mom always thought of her widow paintings as part of the holiday display that you didn’t have to wait for dark to enjoy.

Some people paint the outside of the window, but then your art work is exposed to the weather. Painting from the inside presents a couple of challenges, but it is just a matter of planning around them. The design will have to be applied “backwards”; the surface details painted first, with the other elements layered on and ending with the background.

There are a number of ideas for patterns on line, but an even better source is greeting cards and coloring books from the dollar store. Tempera paints or craft acrylics are the traditional window paints. Acrylics are available for about 99 cents a bottle, and come in a great variety of colors so you don’t have to worry about mixing colors if you don’t want to.

Use an artist’s brush for the details you will apply first. A sponge brush is a cheap way to apply the larger colored areas. The acrylic will clean easily with water. After the holidays, the painting is simple to remove. I like to wet the whole area with regular window cleaner, then give it some time to soften. Next use the edge of a credit card to scrape away the softened paint, wiping the card on a piece of wadded newspaper. Finally wash the widow with glass cleaner.

Enjoy all your painting, and Happy Holidays!

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