Lead-Safe Certified Firm

Following a more official line of thinking this week with a look at the EPA certification that sits on the right hand side of this blog post. You can see that our website displays the official certification stating that we are a  Lead-Safe Certified Firm, but do you know what it actually means?  Do you know what type of work standards we must maintain to become certified?

Having the Lead-Safe Certification means that we follow safe practices while working on projects in your homes and offices. It’s one way that we make certain we are watching out for you, your employees and your family when you trust us with a painting project.

How does a company qualify to be a Lead-Safe Certified Firm?  The certification program is run through the EPA and requires that the firm abide by the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. This rule requires lead-safe work practices by doing things such as minimizing dust and cleaning up thoroughly. The rule also requires individuals must be trained in those safe-work practices by EPA accredited training providers.

Lead was used for years in paint and other products in and around our home before it was known to be dangerous.  It is a toxic substance and can lead to a range of serious health problems, especially for children.  Consuming or breathing in lead paint dust or lead paint chips from old, peeling lead-base paint is the main cause of lead poisoning in children.

Following lead-safe work practices on projects that disturb lead-based paint in pre-1978 homes and buildings, child-care facilities and schools is a way to prevent possible health problems.  This is why the EPA has developed the Lead-Safe Certification program, so that contractors and consumers can see at a glance which companies work to keep you safe. At Heartland Painters, we strive to provide the highest quality, safest work environment for both our employees, our clients and their families.

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