Moving Heavy Furniture Before Painting

We all have our own tastes, but for myself, I like heavy, substantial furniture; an over-stuffed chair to relax in at the end of a hard day, a strong end table to place my mug on, a heavy oaken desk where I can do important work, a hearty kitchen table where my friends and I break bread together. There is just one time I envy the sleeker, lighter, more modern styles; when it is time to move the heavy stuff when it is time to paint or clean the carpets!

What is the best thing to have when it is time to move your furniture? Help.

If you can find two or three burly young men help move your stuff, you are ahead of the game (promise them a home-cooked meal and you may get them to do the painting as well!) For moving most furniture and appliances in and out of the house, the best combination seems to be two strong backs plus another person as a “spotter” to keep an eye on things. This keeps those doing the heavy lifting from tripping over anything or running into walls.

Most of the tings that need to be moved aren’t so much heavy as they are bulky. The real problem in moving them is getting a hold on them. Late-night TV has several ads for strap systems that answer this problem. Many are available at the home improvement center. Usually a long piece of webbing is slid under the furniture piece, and the straps allow the mover to use the stronger muscles to lift and carry the item.

For painting you probably don’t need to move the largest pieces out, just across the room where they will be temporarily out of the way and protected from spills and drips. Giving the furniture a big shove seems like the way to go, but the friction of moving a sofa across a carpet can damage the carpet, and may not be too good for the sofa. A sofa are usually built in such a way that they can stand up to a linebacker flopping himself on it, but the twisting forces of moving it can damage the frame.

Another Late-night TV solution are Sliders that are placed under the corners of the furniture which will reduce the friction, making them easy to move. If your room has solid floors of wood or tile, you may be able to use scraps of old carpet or blanket.

Furniture sliders are available at the home-improvement center. They will have a dense but soft top that holds the legs of your furniture, while the bottom will be a slippery plastic that slides easily over your carpet. Most will have a cloth or carpet “sock” that cover the slider for use on hard surfaces. “Lift Buddies” are sold to help you lift the corners of your furniture to get the slider pads under the legs, but if you don’t have assistance, the creative use of a strong stick can work as well.

Another advantage of the furniture sliders- when ever I move the furniture to paint, my wife always wants everything moved back to a different spot!

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