Not all rooms are created equal

Building a new home? Or maybe you’re revamping the space you’ve been living in since who knows when. Few people consider the true ambiance of a room before they sit in it for an extended period of time. Just as you discover subtleties about your favorite café or pub, you’ll notice little things about the space you live in over time. Those little things all add up to the knee-jerk reaction that some visitors will have when they visit your office or home for the first time.

It can be hard to attune yourself to what your visitors are thinking without actually being in their shoes. But the next time you have a first-time guest, try to study their reaction when they come into your zone. What do they look at? What does their body language tell you? Are they comfortable, or do their eyes go wide when looking around (this can be a good thing for some spaces, but most times shock and awe is probably not the best result). Either way, this can give you some notion as to possible improvements, paint, furniture or otherwise.

So, what did you find out? Is there something specific about your living room that attracts the eyes of your guests? Is your office space laid out in a way that that sets people at ease already, or could it a be a bit more relaxing for patients and guests?

We’d like to know, so leave us a comment!

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