Painting for Productivity

Workplaces have to be conducive to its employees to assure their work effectiveness and performance. It is apparent that work environment influences attitudes, moods and perspective of the people working in the area. For this reason many business offices and commercial buildings also rely on colors for the ambiance. Painting their walls both exterior and interior is helpful in providing a good working environment. Moreover, choosing what color to paint should be consistent with the company and should fit the type of business. Unlike in home painting where it is only a personal preference, commercial painting is more demanding as it considers both the clients and the employees. However, in general, one main objective in choosing the right color of paint is to promote comfort, focus and productivity.

Like in home painting, color may denote certain aspects that can affect the workers’ moods. Small areas in the office may be painted with light colors especially white to make them look bigger and refreshing. Where creativity and mental activity is necessary, colors such as yellow and pale to medium shades of green or blue can be applied. Red and orange though may seem to be distracting; they can stimulate socialization and motivation.

Materials for home painting may be different with those for commercial painting. House paints are formulated for do-it-yourself jobs while painting some commercial establishments may require more technical knowledge. In any case, it must serve the purpose of painting – both to beautify and to protect the surfaces to be painted. There are other factors that need to be considered like environmental conditions. Exterior paints are exposed to strong heat and sunlight during summer and to cold temperatures during winter. Paints to be applied must therefore withstand these extreme temperature changes. Moisture and dirt also affect the paint performance and may cause them to deteriorate. These considerations are necessary to ensure the success of an exterior commercial painting. Because these are out of the painters’ control, the proper material selection and correct application will be vital in optimizing the paint performance.

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