Painting Prep – details, details…

Last week I got my license plate renewal in the mail – not a brand new plate, mind you – just a super-adhesive sticker that puts another year’s worth of validity into my truck’s license to the road. Before putting it down however, I took a half-wet rag outside and scrubbed the corner of the plate where the sticker would go. I did this half in common sense, and half because of a warning from the BMV telling me I should. It makes sense though – adhesives will stick better to a clean surface – and got me thinking about the appropriate prep work that goes into any good painting job.

As with most involved home-repair jobs, painting a room (or several) starts with a lot of prep work: moving furniture, shades, blinds fixtures. Basically anything you don’t want in that new color of pale yellow or neon pink (I jest) has to go somewhere else. Add in the masking process for both walls and trim, and you’re in for a few turns of the clock just getting a space ready for paint. And by the time that you’ve actually got the brush or roller on the wall, it’s probably a relief to actually see paint on a surface.

The good news is – once you have all those details out of the way, the rest of the process feels like riding a bike downhill. At that point you’ve reached what can even be the therapeutic part of getting a fresh coat on the walls, because you’re actually seeing the fruit of your labor in its vibrant, though sometimes smelly, new color.

So if you’ve just gone through the devilish details of preparing a room (or several) for a new coat of paint, here’s to you, and hopefully you can look back on your efforts and relax in the now remade space that is newly made your own. And if you have yet to bite that sometimes bitter bullet, just remember that you have something at the end of your toils to look forward to.


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