A “Rose” by any other name…

What’s in a name? Shakespeare posed this question to his audience 100’s of years ago. Today we are directing that question towards the paint industry and the crazy names they give to paint colors.

If you’ve recently repainted or begun planning a new paint job you may have discovered that the color names are quite creative and even entertaining to consider.

Examples of paint color names:

Sage – “Calico”
Blue – “Jetstream”
Grey – “Knitting Needles”
Khaki – “Leapfrog”
Tan – “Light Incense”
Red – “Indiscreet”

After reading through some of the names it doesn’t take long to see that there’s a good reason paint companies supply color swatches so you’re able to see what they’re talking about instead of solely relying on the name.

In addition to what are considered the “normal” paint color names, there are some even more creative twists. Some companies gear their paint names towards the rich and famous where brown might be called “Soho Loft” and maroon, “Nobleman”. While others have chosen a more humorous approach naming a particular shade of green, “Zombie Apocolypse” and plain old white, “Beer Foam”.

It makes sense that with all of the shades and hues available these companies have to come up with unique names to give you something you can remember. You can’t help but wonder how one gets the job of designating names for paint colors. You would have to be a very creative individual.

All of the fun just adds to the creativity of giving a room or the exterior of your home or office a facelift with a new paint job. If you are embarking on a new painting project, it would be good to keep in mind that no matter how catchy the name it’s the color itself and the quality of paint that will make your paint job beautiful and long lasting.

I think my favorite from the list is “Knitting Needles.” Believe it or not, I saw one in an independent painter shop downtown called “Anger Red.” Yeah, they’re trying to get us to remember their names, but there are some things I’d care to forget.

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