Rubber Products Distributors, Before and After

RPD is a custom producer and wholesaler of rubber products. With $5-9.0 million in sales annually, RPD has a customer base through out the Pacific Rim and Europe, as well as North America. They keep thousands of items in stock for immediate shipment, specializing in “just in time”supply chain support. Rubber Products Distributors was founded in 1987. Their headquarters is located on the east side of Indianapolis, in what used to be a rather dowdy looking warehouse.

The 14,600 sq. ft. office and warehouse facility recently received a face lift thanks to the services of Heartland Painters. The work involved painting the brick work, and minor repairs and the application of PPG Paint to the steel siding and sliding doors.

Rubber Products Distributors is well aware that their building is an important part of their corporate image, and the freshly painted building is featured on their website




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