Staring at the Paint on the Walls

Sometimes an office secretary can be a pretty thankless job. In many cases, this lady (or gentleman, let’s not be sexist) is the front line for the company, dealing with all sorts of things that management dare not even touch with a ten foot pole (roller extensions aside – we’re known to roll up our sleeves too). But do imagine if you will, the idea of showing up tirelessly for years, to a desk where you slave away making the face of the company look and sound professional, dealing with unsatisfied customers, most of all, keeping some of the more mundane details of our professional existence in order. And the place is just drab.

For service company secretaries the job might be painstaking at times, watching servicemen drive out in the best of weather, while Jane (or John) is chained to the phone and e-mail queue so the rest of the business can function like it should.

Paints a pretty dull picture, doesn’t it?

All of this to the point, that we owe it to our workers to give them a space they can be happy in. That’s not just the paint on the walls, though we like to think it’s a major part. Even what you might consider the most mundane of details are what surround your employees and coworkers on a daily basis. The water cooler, office supplies, pens and paper, the light fixtures, the smell of the carpet – they all add to the ambiance (or dismal lack thereof) of your space.

If you’re of the mind to give something back to your work force, or are just moving into a new space – consider the days, weeks, months and years they’ll spend in the space, and make a nice one. Your customers and employees (all the people who really count – dollars, sense and otherwise) will notice the results, and you will too.

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