Taking a painting lesson from Tom Sawyer

In another few days May will have turned on us, and while we can hardly believe it – it tends to mean that everyone is getting their spring and summer repair projects moving full swing. As soon as it stops raining for long enough for us to be outside at a day’s length, things will really be moving at full bore.

And should you be in a position where you’re asked to perform some task outdoors, we’d playfully remind you to take a hint from Mark Twain before that fair-weathered grin on your face turns sour.

We refer your attention of course to the tale of Tom Sawyer white-washing a fence for Aunt Polly, and how he cleverly avoided a half day’s work, positioning it in the mind’s eye as something far more enjoyable than swimming on a summer day.

Rather than slouch at the notion of a bit of outdoor work, Tom used a positive outlook to his advantage (rather slyly, we might add) and turned a day of toil into something far more enjoyable.

Even if you don’t have a gullible peer to con into at least helping you in the task of your painting project (we could recommend a few of our guys), it’s fair to at least consider your luck at working outside during fair-weathered months, rather than slaving in some desert and 120 degree temperatures. In other words, let’s all kindly consider our first-world problems in lieu of what else we could be facing.

So, just as the seemingly mischievous Tom was able to turn a day’s work into a laughable profiting affair, we would only ask that you take any sweat-toiling affair that you must seemingly endure into one that you look forward to. Your not-so-gullible peers will certainly appreciate it, and should that not be enough, remember that we’re here to help as well.

A belated Happy Easter, and Happy Spring to us all!

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