Why Do We Paint?

Besides the fact that we love to disrupt our normal routines, move all of our furniture around, burn up an afternoon or even a few days and tackle a painting project, why do we do paint? Why is painting the surfaces both inside and outside of our homes desirable? What does paint do?

The most obvious answer to that question is paint makes things prettier and more interesting. New paint can freshen up an old room. It’s not even a question in most people’s minds that a home needs to be painted after one family moves out in order to be clean and pretty for the new owners.

The exterior of our homes and businesses are also looked upon with favor when given a fresh coat of paint. One of the first signs of good maintenance of a home is whether or not it has cracked or peeling paint. We value homes that are not only well made and well maintained but that have the age-old realtor term, “curb appeal”. How better to increase curb appeal then to make sure the exterior of a home is nicely painted.

However, there are other reasons that we should consider a painting project for our own home. Paint provides many positive elements that are less aesthetic in nature but just as important to the care and maintenance of our homes.

On interior walls paint helps to hide imperfections and can actually brighten the natural light in a room. Paint also brings texture to walls, further smoothing out any imperfections. Interior woodwork benefits from paint by being protected from scratching or scuffing

Painting the exterior of your home is one of the most important aspects of protecting your home from the elements. A coat of paint acts very much like clothing for your home (thus the name, “coat”). It protects key areas of your home from the elements. Wood without a paint covering is subject to the damaging effects of water, sun and mold.

All of this protection gives your home longer life. So in addition to adding curb appeal to the exterior and beauty and mood to the interior, paint is working hard to keep your home strong and dry far into the future.

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