Why you shouldn’t hire us to paint your house in Indianapolis.

Every now and again when driving through town, a house will just stick out it’s nose at me – and not in a nice way. The house and I will look at each other in a Shakespearian “I bite my thumb at you!” way. And should the owner of the house step outside during our little exchange, both the house and I quickly back down from our respective boxing ring corners, previously ready to go 10 rounds.

What about the house fires me so? This is a picky bit of personal preference, but most recently I’ve been noticing brick houses (red brick houses, it should be said) that have been painted a pastier white color. When I see these houses painted over, my inner historian screams a resounding “No!” and gets ready to go 10 rounds of squinty-eyed staring with the house in question.

All notions of color aside, I happen to think that home owners should be proud of the fact that their home is built of sturdier stuff than what typical suburban construction comes of these days. Most of the bricks which these houses are comprised of were fired in the Midwest, and speak to houses that were built in the first half of the 20th century. The varying color and texture of the bricks (as they age) afford brick homes much more character than most modern construction can ever hope to have.

Even if one wanted to ignore the historical relevance of brick construction, painting a brick house is very much a “point of no return” commitment, as the porous texture of the bricks makes paint removal difficult at best, even more difficult to achieve the sun-aged look of the bricks as they’ve sat strong for dozens of years.

Obviously I feel pretty strongly about the choices from a style perspective. So by all means, hire us to dial up the Wow! factor of the interior of your home, or touch up the accents on your brick home – but you might expect that squinty-eyed stare I spoke of if you have it in your mind to paint over your bricks.

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